Automatic Building Generation


The goal of this project was to design and implement a software system that can automatically generate 3D models of buildings that are suitable for use in an interactive real time graphics application such as a game or a virtual reality simulation. The intention was to do this using procedural methods. These are computer graphics techniques that use algorithms to dynamically generate geometry. The motivation for this is to cut down on the content creation costs involved in developing these applications. Specific research questions were:

  • What types of procedural methods are most effective in this context?
  • Is it possible to carry this out rapidly enough within the application in order to accomplish real time generation?
  • Can we produce architecturally valid and visually convincing results?
  • Can the procedural generation system generate buildings at different levels of detail in order to facilitate real time rendering?

Our postgraduate student Graham Whelan worked on this project from 2006-2008 and produced an interactive building editor based on the principles outlined above.

Researcher: Graham Whelan
Project Leader: Hugh McCabe
Funding Agency: Postgraduate R&D Skills Programme
Duration: 2006-2008


Whelan, G., McCabe, H. and Kelly, G, Roll Your Own City, Artwork/Demo presented at DIMEA 2008: 3rd ACM International Conference on Digital Interactive Media in Entertainment and Arts, Athens, Greece, September 10th-12th 2008.